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Welcome To I Pro Construction

IWe want to thank you for joining our team and welcome you as one of us. We take our work seriously.  We ask you only to put the company first, ask yourself if you would accept that in your home and feel it was correct. 

If you put the company first the company will take care of you. We strive to see our team members make great money and enjoy better lives. 

Getting Started

First thing we need to do is make sure you have all your paperwork on file so we can process pay and make sure were following the various regulations and laws which we all must abide by.  

Please complete Application and copy of required items

We Need The Following: 

W2 or I9 Form you can find those at www.irs.gov  just search 19 ow W2 Form. 

Go to this form 

to fill out application and upload copies o the required itmes below: 


Next we need a copy of a State or Federally approved ID. 

Drivers License / State ID Card 

US Passport 

If you are not a US Citizen we will need a copy of your work permit 

If you are a US Citizen we need a copy of your Social Security Card. 

Please provide these to your supervisor upon completion. 

here is the list: 

I9 Or W2 Form 

Drivers License, State ID or U.S. Passport 

Social Security Card or Work Permit

Independent Contractors Agreement

If you are a sub contractor performing various work for us we will require you sign a Independent Contractors Agreement just saying you understand you are responsible for your own insurance and taxes.  

New Referrrals For Team Members

If you know a skilled trades man or a hard worker who can be taught to install or be a trainee installer helper.  If they make it with us for one month after refeerred and are not late and do a great job we will pay you a referral bonss on their 5th paycheck for completed work. 

We encourage training new people and want to continue growing so there is promotoins from within.  Some day you may running crews as a superintendent becasue its hard work and you must have a career path and a great company that supports your desire to grow and increase your earnings. 

Let us know if you are interested in becoming a trainer / installer. 

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