Welcome Team Members


Step One - A Thanks and Welcome!

Gient thinaks for being part of our team and we look forward to seeing you grow on all levels.  

Step Two - Check yOur paperwork

Copy of State Issued or Federal Id. 

  .  Drivers license or State ID card  


     US Passport 


     Copy of Social Security Card 

     or Work Visa Permit 


 > Application with emergency contact

 >  Signed Ind pendent Contractors    


>   Copy of Vehicle Insurance Current 


1 Pair of Gloves 

A set of Saftey Goggles 

Work Boots or Sole Sneakers Canvas 

(No sandles or bare feet while working) 

Ear Plugs (optional but advised) 

1 Cell Phone Per Team (2) people 

1 - 25 ' Tape Measure

5 bottles of water daily 

Rules For Daily Routine Policy

workplace rules

IF there is a team meeting you must be in attendance no excuses don't be late. 

Be on time, if a team is held up it's affecting our schedule - this cannot be tolerated - 1st warning - 2nd write up 3rd you will be suspended without time ror re-instatement. 

30 Min. Lunch Breaks unless stated otherwise by Supervisor or Team leader

All areas for work must be kept free of trash, cigarettes are allowed only away from customers property. If you must smole only do so outside of residence or area of install and away from line of any customer or neighbors site . 

No Drugs or Alcohol on any customers property or during work hours. 

Never leave garbage or other debris at the end of each day. All persons will do their part to police and keep areas of access, travel or use free of any trash or waste materiials if you see garbahe on any clients area yours or not pick it up and dispose of it. 

You may break as you wish, we may pay you as your worth. 

Keep groomed and look professional 

Saftey comes first - you see someone doing something wrong regardless of rank or file - stop them and all work. Make it known It will keep form injuries or accieents which can cost us all greatly. 

Share Your Success

So your new job is awesome because you took it serious your making more money than you have ever thought you would. 

Share the success - tell others you think could be a part of the team -we are only as good as our team ! 

Learn the Trade

What is great is you have over 100 years of talented experience all around you. 

If we have not dealt with it or seen it we know someone who has. Ask questions,learn to do it right so your a master craftsman.  We still learn all us old guys - everyday.  Some of us were taught from the oldest in the company and if you think your savvy - try hanging with him for a while then you will see true standards to set your goals by.  Clean, Safe, Efficient and he makes money make money! 

Love to learn its the way to increase your earnings and give yourself a raise. 

Getting Product For Install

Get Your Product and Work Order Sheet

You will receive a work order.  If it is a contracted install for Empire Today or other retail centers you will see it on the work order.  

You wil go to the noted distribution center to pick up the materials for that job unless its marked - On Site.  In which case it was delivered prior to you getting the work order. 

Follow the steps for the job materials as outlined on this area because once it's assigned you are responsible for that material. 

STEP 1 - Call customer

Unless you with a job supervisor you should always call the customer to let them know you are on your way. If your running late for any reason you must do this and give them time you can be there. Dont make excuses it's just courtesy and you should always be on time.  Sometimes traffic is heavy and delays but do your best to call if your late. It makes a big difference.  

If you have any issues which delays you over 30 minutes from start time on your work order - call your supervisor immediately with reason so we can make sure all is good for you in safety and customer happy. 

No one likes waiting with no call it can create a big problem and lose you and the company money. 

Check All Materials ALWAYS

You work order should have a customer sign off sheet and a distributor sign off for materials. 

You need to count the boxes on all flooring, take the number of boxes times the box count ( sq. ft. per box on label)  and verify all materials for the work order total square feet are present.  If you have to make two trips - make sure the distributor signs off on number of boxes, moldings or any other materials or supplies you are to pick up and count each item and check it off.  

If you go to job site unload and are short - it's on you.  So in order to protect yourself and the company we make sure distributor signs off, you sign off and customer once delivered signs off. Each one should count the boxes and items with you before signing off. Once customer takes delivery they are responsible unless you take something or there is a damaged peice or accidental loss.  In  any case you must report any missing materials on job site immediately to the supervisor.  Someone at the sold discretion of the Supervisor wile pay for the missing items.  

Measure Room Before You Start

Every Time you start installing you must measure each room.  This is to esnure there was not an error on the total square feet by the estimator and thus you will be short. If you start before measuring the install area on a job you may be responsible if the job is short .  DOUBLE CHECK. 

At the end of the day - make sure you measure how much you installed in case something happens and another crew or someone on your team gets sick.  Your all paid by the square feet. So you must track how much you install as a team each day.  And mark it on your pay sheet for that job number and customer last name with the date.  Make sure if you have more than just one helper or apprentice on your team you mark their names as well. 

You are in charge of that job were counting on you to log your job details every day. Not doing so can result in suspension.  It's important.. 

Work Safe - Speed comes with no issues or accidents.

Trying to rush thru craftsmanship is only a sure sign to delay your progress. We are all human and when your using tools that can seriously injure or kill someone you must make sure saftey is your number one task.  If you know a helper is not ready to be on saws yet do not allow it until they have had proper training and saftey from Supervisor and yourself both. 

We do not want to have anyone hurt and if the job takes a little longer it's better than having someone get hurt or worse. 

Make sure your team members are wearing appropriate safety gear. 

Keep Areas Clean

When your installing always keep your area picked up of waste or other trash and dispose of it in trash bags.  There is always clean up if your team members are waiting for you to finish something so they can move on. Make sure you clean your equipment areas at the end of the day, and any access routes to and from your equipment to the install area.  Lay down paper over the installed areas to avoid it getting scratched - no one ever does it but unless you cover it, you can bet it will happen. 

Nothing worse than taking out half a floor to fix a big scratch someone caused and never said anything about.  Keep tools on concrete or sub floor areas, not on flooring. Work off the floor unless it's absoultely necessary in last few rows and you have no choice. The more clean, safe, and aware of your work areas - the easier it is to make great money and have a very good job result.