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I-Pro Construction specializes in home sale preparation services for many brokers, investors, home flippers, and real estate agents throughout Las Vegas, Henderson and Lake Las Vegas areas.  

We have developed a turn key method in tandem with interior designers which can once again put your home in the top offer category for asking prices.  This is the best way to optimize your home sale profits while expediting the sales process making it a better experience in every phase of the sale from listing to close. 

The homeowner can recoup the investment by putting the cost into the sale price and contract.  This is the easiest way for the home to sell faster and for the best price. 

The agent is excited to show the home knowing that everything is neutral in color for the entire home as we provide high quality products with long term wear with professional craftsmanship in making the home also match and look just like it was brand new. This makes offers happen above market expectations in many cases with agents excited to bring their buyers there. 

Buyers are not penciling how much this and that will be when things are not matching, when colors are a problem with decor or furniture.  

As doing this for 25 + years as investors and for top brokers and agents in Las Vegas, we have put this into affrordable packages with colors that work to match most any style or decor. This allows the buyer to feel happy about the offer not pausing to wonder or work out how much to change this or that. Worrying about moving in due to work delaying them to return to a normal living condition and environment. 

We buy in volume, we provide full interior, exterior, and flooring options that can work with most budgets. We encourage you to give us a walk thru and speak to some of our referrals if you like. Bottom line is an increased overall satisfied result that will drive great positive end results you will see are factual. We have proven it over and over and have it perfected with most properties being ready for listing in less than a week. 

So let us do a walk thru for home readiness before you list on the market and see what we can do for a better experience by everyone including your profits. 

Property management companies find they get higher lease month pay and longer term residents thru our turn program.  

We look forward to showing you we can make a difference for your gains. 

Home Sale Preparation Contractor in Las Vegas Home Readiness to list on market for sale in Las Vegas turners

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We can work with most budgets but don't lose money because the home smells, has stains or needs painting interior or exterior.  

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