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Selling Your home for more and in less time is what were successful at.  Its our easy and hassle free services which drives our business and its continued success.   Experience counts, time is money and peace of mind all are in our service and skills to offer professionally. 

I-Pro Construction has been doing this for over 20 years.  We work with top designers, realtors, brokers and property management companies throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, and Lake Las Vegas whom rely on our experience in knowing what homes need to get best offer prices.  

Service and product
options available are: 

  • Carpentry  drywall repair 
  • Door replacement or repair 
  • Patch and paint
  • Window & Screen repair
  • Hardware adjustments
  • Lighting to meet hardware 
  • Flooring  clean or replacement
  • Molding paint or upgrade
  • General Yard Clean up 
  • Garage Floor Epoxy 
  • Garage Door Repair, Replacement and Garage Opener accessories. 
  • Window Coverings, shutters, blinds or roll shades.
  • Painting - Interior, Exterior, trim 
  • Flooring - Carpet, Vinyl Plank, VCT, Laminate or Hardwood
  • Stairs Carpet or Wood 
  • Molding - Crown or Base, Case.  


Prepping Your Home to Sell

1 Hour - Zero Cost Consultation

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Make an Appointment

I-Pro Construction  home listing to sell preparation appointment

We make it easy simply call 702.445-8000 M-F 8:00 AM to 6:00PM or click on our Contact Us page and request an appointment at your property. 

Minimum Complete Home Sale Prep Package


Change out air filters and clean vent

Change smoke alarm batteries 

Check front and rear door locks work

Change bulbs to match fixtures 

Deep Clean 

Shampoo Carpets or replace. 

Check locks work and are keyed same


Stagomg & Design Services

Common interior design styles include contemporary, eclectic,  traditional, coastal, craftsman, farmhouse, industrial, mid-century  modern, shabby chic, rustic and southwestern. 

Room or Whole Home Staging is also available with design space help or complete home furnishings to make your home look at it's best before placing it on the market. 

Designer or Staging Rates 

Typically we work with interior design or staging professionals who will provide you additional assistance if you decide you would like those services. Rates vary depending on time and what you feel you want in options they provide but are around $ 120.00 -150.00 to consult and provide you basic services. 

Why should you use our Home Sale Preparation services? 

Lets examine two scenarios which we see all the time and can give you a easy way to understand I-Pro is your best choice and path to prepare your home for listing to sell regardless of market. 

Doing it yourself is better than not doing it without question. The only real decision you need to consider is will you save money doing it or having I-Pro do it for you.  We already know the answer but lets put it into a defined  set of process questions you can review and answer then decide on easier that your making the best choice to get it done and get the best return on your time and investment 

You prepare your home to list it. 

1. Choosing good products and the right colors. 

2. Which areas or rooms do you think you will need to repair or improve? 

3. What about the work or labor to complete the installation or repairs for those areas or rooms?  Is the contractor you choose understand this is different than a remodel or personal improvement for a lived in homeowner? 

How much in time you will need to make the right choices and schedule all the choices be worth in your time and money in the end, even if all goes perfect? 

The I-Pro  Choice 

Rather than doing parts you may find out doing the whole interior is the same in cost and putting everything into the color coordinated new home in today's hot colors and standards for buyers to feel great about moving into is close to or lower in cost. 

All products are available and have been proven to long wear and modern to styles desired. They are also bought in volume to keep costs down that is passed on to you.  This allows us to not pay costs for showrooms and reduces personalized ideas which you may like but reduce your buyers in feeling they want to make and offer and move in. 

This is savings you benefit from in time and costs other contractors most likely have no experience in providing nor can at our prices as it's our core business revenue and success. 

You leave the schedules, installation or services with a peace of mind because we have been doing this with Real Estate industry pro's for years. Its all been per-packaged and our craftsman are experts in the various trade options you choose.  This means your home will be completed quickly to a scheduled timeline we know we can provide and the quality of the work is above standards few homeowner would expect the contractor or themselves to meet. 


We provide a free walk thru consultation which will provide you the simple best choice and price to be also simple....

 I-Pro is your best and most profitable of choices.  


Facts !

In a survey recenlty condiucted by 99 % of all realtors said prepping and staging a home will bring more money and a faster, smoother sales result. 

The U.S. Real Estate Investors Association found that 90% of all properties that were properly prepped prior to listing for sale resulted in a increase of profits that was above market price or more than what they thought it would bring. 

Secret:  One of the top selling agents nation wide says: Its easy, pretend your a buyer and ask yourself would you want to ofer top dollar for your home as it is?  Next, ask yourself as a buyer how much would you need to do before you would feel it was move in ready and worth the extra dollars. 

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